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yummy yellow sundaes November 22, 2006

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yellow stands for sunday

maki squarepatch’s online store is finally OPEN! we’re kick starting this store with our first collection: yellow stands for sunday. this collection centers around the nostalgia of good old times shared by xin and i. inspired by dad and mom’s love for nature and outings on sunday afternoons, yellow stands for sunday introduces loads of bright yellow prints and floral vintage dresses/fabrics picked for their strong reflection of a good sunny flavor. some of the stuff that can be found in this collection: a selection of dresses handmade by our granny back in the 60s, cute patchwork purses adorned with garden animal patterns and maki squarepatch’s very own makiki dollies: a variety of dolls (from heavy to flat ones!) made entire from scrap fabric and pre-loved clothing. this series includes items such as pen holders, wall-hangings, book ends, or funky cloth sculptures to adopt for a new space.

maki squarepatch can be found at MAAD from november to december 2006 so check out our calendar frequently for more updates!



p/s this page is still in progress. between stitches and patches, we’ll be working on the design! 🙂


2 Responses to “yummy yellow sundaes”

  1. sovereign state Says:

    what a great marketing concept. i really think the slogan + construction paper cut-out = nostalgia for me. i don’t know if that was intentional, but i really do have a little flashback to sunny afternoons as a child when i look at your cute little sun man and his message!

  2. yes it is! it was made out of construction paper 😀 thanks for leaving this love note 🙂

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