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party’s over! but only for now. November 27, 2006

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boy are we bummed out! it was 2 days of weird weather – an intermittent of oven-intense heat and drizzly rain. we saw other maadsters there that we’ve never seen before (then again, we’re new maadsters). our maki mascots made it to the maad wall of fame!

maki mascots

and yes all thanks to dennis for that.

if you came by, you would have caught maadster’s works in the living room:

maki’s table runner, saltplay‘s awesome shell bracelet (mm! love it!).

and there must have been this secret party going on in the living room with dennis dishing out free beer (like what’s new?) cos snoofalupagus (aka snoofie o) looks drunk and has got himself a party hat. and he’s chillin’ with his homies, the chumpy cushion and security bolster duo.

snoofalupagus snoofie

i’m sure wabbit’s had a hand in all the secret action too and he must have tried smoking the tree cos here he is, caught in the twig by an inch of his underwear. how typical of him!


so yup, that was us, at The Atrium, over the course of 25 – 26 november. we’re certainly looking forward to our being at Takashimaya’s iFourum in december, on the 9, 10, 16 and 17th.

catch us if you haven’t yet 🙂 more updates to come shortly.

with bunny fluff,



2 Responses to “party’s over! but only for now.”

  1. Jessica L Says:

    Hey Maki/
    I found your awesome clothing on ebay. Are you a local designer?
    I love creative surrounding my-self with creative people and things. I Especially like your yellow sunday, reminds me of the happier days of childhood.=)

    Keep up the good-work!

  2. hey! that’s *exactly* the mood that we want to recreate – childhood memories 🙂 our ebay stash are totally different – we’re mainly promoting our own label on our web shop PLUS vintage apparels and accessories. keep checking back for more good stuff! xox

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