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maki’s little workshop will be closed….. November 29, 2006

Filed under: Handmade goods,Reconstructed,Shop update — maki ā™„ squarepatch @ 3:55 pm

is it too early to call it a break already?? maki’s little workshop has been working overtime with custom orders lately(thanks all for the support! love you all) and we honestly can’t get enough of them but it’s time to rejuvenate to get the creative juices flowing again, HENCE we will not be working on any custom orders from 20 Dec 06 – 01 Jan 07. yes! it’s break time! all other orders will still be proceessed as per normal and you can still send your custom orders in but they will only be processed 02 Jan 07 onwards while we take a break for Christmas šŸ™‚ so if you want any custom job (purse, t-shirt, dress, flat dollie, or even snoofie!) done, please pop your order in by 08 Dec šŸ™‚ we’re too excited about Christmas not to enjoy it all we can! we hope you’ll have a great Christmas this season too.

with candy cane love,

enqi & xin
p/s we will be stocking up the shop with MORE goodies in a day or two. keep watch šŸ™‚


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