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introducing more new friends! December 9, 2006

Filed under: Craft Fairs,Handmade goods,Maki Squarepatch — maki ♥ squarepatch @ 3:20 pm

xin managed to get some of these done and i just added them on the store so check them out! a couple of bird cushions have been added and i haven’t got a chance to post the vintage goodies yet. the weather hasn’t exactly been favorable for any kind of photography but we’re blessed with good weather today so people aren’t holing themselves up at home but are buying from us! YEA! i named this baby sleepless in singapore cos it has bloodshot eyes and totally needs some sleep. bring it home and give it some extra lovin’. it’s one of my faves. it’s real easy to promote our stuff cos i honestly adore everything that xin makes. i think i’m her biggest fan, next to Miss Oriental Rose ha 😀 she’s been our biggest fan (next to moi :D) and comes to visit us almost everytime we have a fair. bless her heart!

anyhooooo catch us now or never conveniently in town at our MAAD stall
tomorrow (10 dec) or next weekend 16 – 17 dec at TAKASHIMAYA’s iFOURUM. that’s Level 4, outside all the really rad art and craft shops.

say hi when you’re there.

ciaozzz till later,



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