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whew, more goodies! December 15, 2006

Filed under: Craft Fairs,Festive,Maki Squarepatch,Shop update — maki ♥ squarepatch @ 9:27 am

i actually stayed up till 3am last night trying to get all these items posted up so that you can have first glimpse of what we’ll be bringing down to Takashimaya iFourum this weekend. In case you don’t already know, we’ll be there from 12 – 9pm and that’s at level 4 of Takashimaya, the arts and crafts level where all cool things happen. date: 16 – 17 dec 😀 come join us and bring some christmas cheer along.

We also just got in a limited edition set of Christmas postcards!!! Yep,
printed of the Hoho brothers above. From left: Winkie Hoho, Binkie “See No Evil” Hoho and Twinkie Hoho. Yea I know the cards are out a little late but you *still* have time to get your Christmas greetings mailed out by 20th dec, latest so hey, pop by our booth and grab a set of postcards at only SGD10.00 for a pack 🙂

with reindeer jingles,



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