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Maki Squarepatch makes it to zbNOW! December 16, 2006

Filed under: Craft Fairs,MAAD,Media — maki ♥ squarepatch @ 5:12 pm

whew wheeet MAAD (and Maki Squarepatch :D) made it to zbNOW!
click on picture above to view larger version. i got this scanned in so that those of you who don’t buy chinese papers can have a look at this. and my scanner isn’t huge so here’s part of it. let’s just do the visual thing then 🙂 charity items are created by MAAD artists and designers and proceeds will go to the Budding Artists Fund. and they’re not just any budding artists but artists who may have disabilities so let’s support the arts scene and give it some love.

And just a publicity plug, that’s me and xin with our strap-on pouch created out of plush hand puppets! proceeds go to charity. one’s sold. somebody please snap up the other one fast. it’s going at $58 and it’s not that we’re overcharging but hey, remember, it’s going to charity.


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