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maki squarepatch & mooks December 18, 2006

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So we were at the Raffles Design Institute graduation at Meritus Mandarin last wednesday to look for Cynthia, who was doing a fashion marketing project for MOOKS Singapore. When she came to us, we said yes immediately cos we love MOOKS! It’s not very known in Singapore but they (used to?) sell them at Blackjack under Club 21. I’m not sure if they still carry that label but Singapore has its own MOOKS store now and MOOKS stuff just ROCKS I tell ya. Cynthia approached us to come up with concepts for MOOKS and boy were we stoked about the idea. We came up with some stuff like bags, postcard sets, notebooks and mini pouches which you can see here:



and the rest of which will be viewable on our flickr page. Here you can see a photo of Xin and Cynthia with the punk pirate props.

p/s green pirate with dreadies inspired by Marc of You rock, dude! 😀

We loaned her the Punk Pirates props at her booth for fun! ShuffleArt also came up with some MOOKS stuff – awesome! We didn’t stick around too long being crowd-phobic. Some shots of the booth:

And to Cynthia: We hope you had a great graduation! Thank you for approaching us and we hope you’ll have a wonderful future in fashion marketing! 😀 xox.


enqi & xin


3 Responses to “maki squarepatch & mooks”

  1. sovereign state Says:

    how i do love the internet when i find wonderful, exciting things like your blog/maki squarepatch. man, your stuff is AMAZING! congratulations on scoring a distributor like mooks. what an honor! how cool.

  2. well it was actually part of her proposal. we’re not sure where it’ll take us but hopefully MOOKS *will* carry our stuff someday. *keep fingers crossed*.

  3. Marc Says:

    Hey thanks for the feature!!! Okok album coming out soon, look out for it!!!

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