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our camera died :( December 20, 2006

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our Canon Powershot S40 officially died. what can I say, it’s been with us for what, 5 years? so I reckon it was officially time for a new one to come to place. i’m a stickler with Canon for their cameras since I never have much complaints about the S40 except that when you take people shots at night, the background is totally dark and you get overexposed faces that seems oilier than they ought to be. so yays to our new Canon Powershot A640! got it from Best Denki at $669 and they gave a 512MB SD card and GP battery set + charger. hope it was a good deal, price wise. i remember paying close to $1000 for the S40 back then. ouch. i really am poorer these days as compared to the days of being a student. i really needed to take some shots tomorrow and don’t have time to compare prices! wish us luck figuring out the new camera. I think we’ll try to go for the free Canon photography training class if what they teach exceeds what we already know. 5 years of playing around with the S40 didn’t teach us enough about cameras 😛

if anybody want to give me some photography tips, feel free to drop comments 😀

trigger happy,


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