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new year, new camera, new hair, new dolls December 26, 2006

Filed under: Handmade goods,Plushies — maki ♥ squarepatch @ 12:35 pm

decided to try out the new camera the other day and played around with it a bit. i couldn’t resist snooping around xin’s room and see what she is up to cos even though we’re supposed to discuss and plan what to come up with, she usually gets into one of her creative moods and take over the rein. when it comes to her own share of the work anyway.

finally plucked up the courage and chopped off my tresses and after 10 years i might add. time to give the scalp more breathing space. looks like jacky and i got our hair (fur) snipped the same day. hey, same short ‘do!

that’s our little hot dog with mustard in diapers cos mommy wouldn’t let him mark his territory everywhere.

and silly self shots, how can i miss out on those:

and me deciding that the plushie’s pants double up very nicely as a jester hat of sorts while xin was really busy trying to get her act together, plays around with a snapshot…

or two. me posing with the clown plushie which shall wear its pants very shortly:

ooh i got more to blog about but later for that. hope everybody had a great christmas 🙂



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