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We were on Channel U! January 9, 2007

Filed under: Maki Squarepatch,Media,Reconstructed,Shopping — maki ♥ squarepatch @ 5:48 pm

in case you wondered if that was us, yes it was. actually we didn’t even dare to view it. guess we’re just shy. anyway we got featured on local tv! Channel U is having this DIY programme called Simplicity is Beauty and today is the pilot episode. hope you manage to catch us on the 9.30pm show, or retelecast at 11.30pm today 😀 i only got to know about it today so couldn’t really inform anybody in advance. will try to get a copy of the episode and post it up somehow.


2 Responses to “We were on Channel U!”

  1. yen Says:

    i saw the program! both of u look cute esp xin! your expression is so funny. haha. i just had my part filmed today and it was horrendous! didn’t know its so hard to speak infront of the camera! nightmare!!!!!!

  2. o dear, me and my multiple expressions as usual. lemme know when yours is out!!! 😀

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