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we’re covered in CLEO! February 16, 2007

Filed under: Bags,Handmade goods,Media,Online Shop,Shopping — maki ♥ squarepatch @ 4:57 am

we got covered in the march issue of CLEO! wheee!!!! happy happy glee and joy. our cute and famous teddy bag (its owner, rage, lovingly names him charley) is on it along with ayako’s (owner) wee blue bird bag! i was a little hesitant on buying it cos it’s THE eligible bachelor issue and i’ve never been a big fan of how men are sold by the pounds of flesh they possess so my excuse was…it’s for our little blurb! 🙂

i also realised that i know this guy out of the 50. but due to some super embarassing story that i shall just keep it hush about, i doubt he’ll wanna acknowledge that he knows me 🙂

if you’re a fan of the whole eligible bachelor thingmajit, grab a copy. if you’re a fan of maki stuff, grab a copy too! 😀

mucho thanks to Eunice and Oriental Rose for letting us know that we got covered!


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