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art & cat March 8, 2007

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We’re up to our ears trying to brainstorm on and prepare for the next art exhibition at MAAD on April 7 & 8. Keep an eye on this blog while I try to gather my thoughts together and tell you more about it. Xin is busy crafting and drawing at the same time. I always wonder if creativity ever runs desert dry for her. Hasn’t really happened but sometimes she takes really long breaks to recuperate. Haha. A shot from her workshop/studio:

and our picasso FATTing it all out. he’s so stylish, so handsome, we just love him to bits. yes check OUT that tummy. all 23″ of it.


3 Responses to “art & cat”

  1. Francis Lee Says:

    Hi, any chance to meet Mr Picasso in person… my gal is crazy over him… Thanks

  2. our picasso will only stay at home!!

  3. jacqueline loh Says:

    Hi Xin and Enqi
    Am really looking forward to Xin’s 2nd exhibition. Will the works be for sale?
    I am keen (based on what can be seen of it) the little work in the top left of this shot you took of xin’s studio…
    See you girls easter sunday.
    BTW, We are enjoying BIRD immensely! And we get lots of compliments on him too!

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