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Singapore Fashion Festival here we come! March 18, 2007

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Maki Squarepatch is gonna be part of ECO LUXE! wOOt!

Singapore Fashion Festival has gotta be the most happening fashion event in Singapore and we will be part of it!!! ECO LUXE is one part of SFF where vendors from all around the world who specialise in eco-friendly products will come together and showcase (+ sell) their wares. What a riot!

ECO LUXE will be held at Raffles City from 23 March – 1 April. For their exciting programmes, check out Raffles City’s website.

What you may expect there (besides us of course :P): products ranging from recycled furniture to organic material products to….well that’s for you to pop by and find out 😀

Our online shop will be closed during this period (else it will be logistic nightmare for us) except for these categories: clothing, accessories and art. Due to the limitation of space, our goods at ECO LUXE may change daily so if you see something on our shop, do make your purchases early 🙂 (plus we need to factor in GST so our products will be slightly pricier at ECO LUXE). We’ll also be bringing in NEW products that have not made it to our online shop yet. Be the first to check them out ok?

Schedule a trip on your calendar and pop by during lunch or something. Don’t forget to come by our upcoming exhibition too! 🙂

hugs and clown kisses,
the maki sisters (enqi and xin)


6 Responses to “Singapore Fashion Festival here we come!”

  1. yen Says:

    wow wow, that’s really great! congrats! i will try to drop by one of the days. 😉

  2. Tazim Says:

    Hey Enqi and Xin! I had no idea your stuff was being featured in so many cool magazines/zines/online! thats so great! 🙂 That Ecoluxe thing sounds so great – i’m sure you’ll do really well with your wonderful creations…i wish i could go to it, it looks like fun! also, congrats on the art exhibit. Is the museum (red dot) quite good…should i visit it when i go to singapore later this year??? 🙂

  3. yen: yes please do! 😀

    tazzie: when are you coming by? you should definitely come by the red dot design museum. try to arrange your trip where you will be in singapore first weekend of the month cos that’s when we’ll have stalls then too.

  4. Nice, I might check it out if im free.

  5. yiwen Says:

    hey babes! I’ll definitely be there to check out, but after the wedding of cos! hee hee… going nuts right now but just persevering till Sat! See you then dearies!! 🙂

  6. Cheryl Says:

    ugh!! i went down to raffles city but it was all barricaded cos the fashion show was gg to start!! that was 630 pm today (24th march) and i couldnt wait till 830pm till the barricades were removed!! >:X

    wish i wasnt so busy with school work.. all the best! 🙂

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