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featured in Home & Decor March 30, 2007

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Home & Decor finally covered us in their April 07 issue! That took quite a while considering we submitted all the details in Dec 06 😛 All those items featured have been sold though. And they forgot to provide readers with our URL. Hmmmm. Nevertheless, it’s nice to have our items featured next to Plank’s furniture 🙂

Speaking of home decor publications, I really fancy the ones from UK and Australia. They’re delightful to look at, with many home decor ideas. Totally inspiring. If we ever have a shop (starts fantasizing….), it’ll be fun to whip out some of my 5 year old Australian and British home decor magazines and gather some ideas! 🙂

So here it is… we are in Home & Decor.


One Response to “featured in Home & Decor”

  1. Fiona Says:

    Oooooh.. Congratulations! Will take a look at the magazine. 🙂 Shop? I think your fantasy will come true. I can’t wait to go shopping in a Maki Squarepatch shop! I think it’ll feel like stepping into maki-land.

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