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about us November 11, 2006

maki squarepatch is about taking discarded/untreasured items and giving it a new life. the shop concept is very much inspired by our kitty maki, who was found injured along the highway. she was hospitalized and brought home to a place filled with love and new kitty friends. with the same ideology, the motto behind maki squarepatch’s creations is to give an unloved/untreasured object a new spirit. maki squarepatch’s range of products includes vintage apparel, purses, accessories, jewelry, home décor pieces and fabric/mixed medium artworks.

check out our online store:


2 Responses to “about us”

  1. WebMasTeR Says:

    cool site.. very nice patch work 🙂

  2. Sabrina Says:

    Hey Xin!!! I’m so surprised to see you and enqi being featured on mypaper. How’ve u been? Really miss loads! You got such an amazing collections.. i can’t make up my mind on what to buy for Yensan as b-day gift! If u have any suggestions, do share with me via email k?!

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