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one of those sundays… March 26, 2007

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along with all the little things that make us happy.


c’est moi, picasso March 17, 2007

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hello, i’m picasso. as usual, when xin is not around, i’ll try to mess up her craft table cos i just can’t get enough her attention. yes, i can FULLY occupy her table. there is a reason why she always hides craft stuff under a big cloth. why is their shop named maki squarepatch? i’m jealous of maki. i’m WAY more handsome as a cat. so this is how i try to get attention.

of course, the sisters have known that i’ll always give my most perfect pose in an attempt to look innocent. dang, they caught that on pretty quick. how did they know? i’m a cat. i’m more mysterious than that. but yes…they ARE girls after all.

and before you start thinking that i’m really fierce cos i’m baring my fangs here, i was really just yawning. i sleep way TOO much. this is why i always look gorgeous in photos. i get enough sleep and i’m beautiful.


angel by the window March 13, 2007

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how can you not love an angel as such? picasso, sleeping by the window. all 10kg of him. he’s too dear to us!


art & cat March 8, 2007

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We’re up to our ears trying to brainstorm on and prepare for the next art exhibition at MAAD on April 7 & 8. Keep an eye on this blog while I try to gather my thoughts together and tell you more about it. Xin is busy crafting and drawing at the same time. I always wonder if creativity ever runs desert dry for her. Hasn’t really happened but sometimes she takes really long breaks to recuperate. Haha. A shot from her workshop/studio:

and our picasso FATTing it all out. he’s so stylish, so handsome, we just love him to bits. yes check OUT that tummy. all 23″ of it.


picasso got pirated! January 31, 2007

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even before we decided to get fully engaged into our make-picasso-famous scheme, he seems to be making waves on his own already.

a fellow maadster told us that he saw picasso’s picture on his friend’s msn avatar and he thought his friend knows us! but apparently his friend got the picture from somebody in the US..and i’m not sure who managed to rip our picture off flickr but we’re highly amused nevertheless.

that being said, he really is a handsome fella isn’t it?

both faces made when he was rather sick and unable to poop actually.


starring al picano January 9, 2007

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there’s something so charmingly beautiful about picasso. and that’s his brother 胖胖 behind him. a rare moment for them to be so close together and as usual, in assymetrical positions. they seem to fancy doing that alot. one of those lazy days again. and he caught me taking candid shots. picasso (moutasched kitty) looking grouchy. so Xin did up this little poster of them:


hide and seek kitty December 28, 2006

Filed under: Cats — maki ♥ squarepatch @ 6:05 am of those nice chilly days to stay in and rot. and sleep. and upload a kitty video on our blog. this is tigger (also known as 胖胖, or fat fat in chinese) playing hide and seek under my comforter. turn up your speakers and hear his very cute mew! 😀