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xin’s solo art exhibition…whew! February 4, 2007

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Xin held her first solo art exhibition on MAAD premises over the weekend, 3 & 4 feb, where she put up mainly illustrations and 2 oil paintings. themed ‘Pleased To Meet You’, the inspiration came from having lost somebody dear at heart. Her works captured moments in any relationships, like that awkward silence, that i-love-you-but-i-don’t-need-to-say-it moments and others. we didn’t have time (or good lighting) to capture the works on camera but here are some glimpses of it:

amidst red dot design museum’s winning awards and the plushie was used as a lead-in to draw people into the exhibition area.

it is also our pleasure to announce that out of 20 works displayed, 19 were sold :))) we’re still in shock given the short time frame the exhibition was but nevertheless we wish to thank you, you 4 buyers that we know/saw and 1 anonymous buyer. 🙂

we would also like to take this chance to thank MAAD for their wonderful premise and to encourage fellow artists and designers to consider taking up an exhibition space there to showcase your works. boldly we went forth and amazing results we got 🙂


Valentine’s Day Special! January 10, 2007

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tell somebody you love them with a special handmade gift this valentine’s day! 🙂 during this period, we will be giftwrapping your special gift in pages out of children’s fairytale books (yes limited, cool and eco-friendly!) with a special love note attached with a personalised message from you. just indicate your message at payment checkout and we will process it accordingly. you can have it mailed directly to a friend as a surprise (that will be lovely!) or to you. present will not be fully sealed (ie no irreversible wrapping methods like cellophane tape) so if you wanna check that your order is in order (hee) you can do that too if the gift is mailed directly to you. this is valid for gift purchases from now till 25 Jan 07 only. buy early for your valentine! sample shown here:

this dolly is not stitched up yet. can you see the pins?? 😀

a personal note just like this! with some illustrations too, at your request.


an entry actually worth reading December 20, 2006

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honestly some days we wonder why we have an online shop. we are the most tech UNsavvy people we ever know. we carry mobile phones for functionality’s sake. if they double up as a self-protection device, that will be swell. our mom has the latest Nokia gagdet and we’re always left with hand-me-downs. i for one cannot tell the difference between WAP and 3G. i can’t figure out how to configure our wireless home setup. i just learnt that MAC monitors allow CMYK while PCs in RGB only which is why graphic designers prefer MAC platforms most of the time. we haven’t even fully figured out our camera and i think we really need to play catch up with the world sometimes. and here we are, handmaking stuff. where are we at, in a time trap where people still chisel stones to make wheels? yea, we’ve pretty much asked ourselves that alot of times already.

i was in an idle mood on monday and decided to do some last minute christmas shopping which usually comes with some self-pampering too. decided to pop by Books Actually since they’ve been getting some pretty good coverage lately and i can see why. it’s a quaint little bookstore tucked away on the 2nd level of Telok Ayer St and the entrance welcomes you with its brand colors already. once you stepped in, you’re warmly greeted by the bookseller-boy and -girl duo, who are secretly smiling that you’re there. i ended up buying some out-of-print notepad, a sparrow book made by their lovely selves and another notepad. gah i’m a real sucker for cool papergoods! for some reason and after some long browsing and checking out terrific antiqued books that are not for sale (wah!), i decided to get some recommendation. plus it’s honestly rude to leave without buying a book! it’s like going to a wanton mee stall and asking for their nicely handpainted spoon or something as a souvenir. so even though i’m a total bookworm and ought to have read alot having a 5 year english literature background, i really ought to know what i like to read and sound totally intellectual at it. unfortunately i don’t. and i couldn’t care less looking dumb in front of the experts anyway so i asked Kenny for a recommendation, just telling him that i do fancy Marian Keye’s books and i totally adore Memoirs of a Geisha for their descriptive language and i like writers who can bring out/describe emotions and stuff very well. in short, i ended up buying George Orwell’s Shooting an Elephant since i love short stories. i love it how the writers can bring out everything in a matter of a few pages.

to Kenny and Karen: thank you for your time 🙂 and to Kenny: i totally adore that short story Bookshop Memories. i like it how Orwell notices details and puts them in words so nicely. i dig that he notices how flies just love dying on the top of books and i dig how one of the book customer sounds like me – read and read but never remember authors and titles. i promise i’ll check out Nabokov when i’m done with this one. if there is a color to describe this book so far, it’s gotta be grey and not all the stories appeal to me but they can be rather thought-provoking.

i guess in a place like singapore, where we try to get bigger and better (eg Vivocity) and create things in mass (like multiple chains of local enterprises and the mass production of a single Mango dress in 100000000000000 duplicates), there are still the few of us who try to eek out a living and to live on our passion and pray hard that somebody will appreciate it all and help keep us alive.


whew, more goodies! December 15, 2006

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i actually stayed up till 3am last night trying to get all these items posted up so that you can have first glimpse of what we’ll be bringing down to Takashimaya iFourum this weekend. In case you don’t already know, we’ll be there from 12 – 9pm and that’s at level 4 of Takashimaya, the arts and crafts level where all cool things happen. date: 16 – 17 dec 😀 come join us and bring some christmas cheer along.

We also just got in a limited edition set of Christmas postcards!!! Yep,
printed of the Hoho brothers above. From left: Winkie Hoho, Binkie “See No Evil” Hoho and Twinkie Hoho. Yea I know the cards are out a little late but you *still* have time to get your Christmas greetings mailed out by 20th dec, latest so hey, pop by our booth and grab a set of postcards at only SGD10.00 for a pack 🙂

with reindeer jingles,