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shop update April 9, 2007

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Some art pieces were sold at MAAD over the weekend. I’ll be posting up event pictures soon! See what you have missed! >:P *grin*

new snazzy items up at our webshop. start shopping now!


c’est moi, picasso March 17, 2007

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hello, i’m picasso. as usual, when xin is not around, i’ll try to mess up her craft table cos i just can’t get enough her attention. yes, i can FULLY occupy her table. there is a reason why she always hides craft stuff under a big cloth. why is their shop named maki squarepatch? i’m jealous of maki. i’m WAY more handsome as a cat. so this is how i try to get attention.

of course, the sisters have known that i’ll always give my most perfect pose in an attempt to look innocent. dang, they caught that on pretty quick. how did they know? i’m a cat. i’m more mysterious than that. but yes…they ARE girls after all.

and before you start thinking that i’m really fierce cos i’m baring my fangs here, i was really just yawning. i sleep way TOO much. this is why i always look gorgeous in photos. i get enough sleep and i’m beautiful.


reconstructed upon reconstructed purses :D March 9, 2007

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ah we did a little revamping to some of our products cos xin is never FULLY satisfied with her creations! check them out here and you might be able to recognise some of them and their former looks:









i’ve made it easier for you to shop if you want to buy the product immediately. just click on it above! 😀 this is what’s so fun about running an indie shop that’s totally hands-on – you just recreate your items if you wanna give it extra ooomph! gotta love my job!


we heart N.E.E.T.! March 6, 2007

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we got featured in March’s issue of N.E.E.T.! whoopee! N.E.E.T. is this really cool online zine with great indie finds. they covered us on 2 of their pages. gotta love it! 🙂 thanks gals!!! and here it is:

yeppp that’s xin! haha 😀


chinese magazines covered us! March 1, 2007

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for those of you who read the chinese publications 🙂 we didn’t even know they covered us until words came from relatives and friends. in i-weekly and citta bella. thanks, you magazine people!!! 🙂

click to enlarge and view.


we’re covered in CLEO! February 16, 2007

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we got covered in the march issue of CLEO! wheee!!!! happy happy glee and joy. our cute and famous teddy bag (its owner, rage, lovingly names him charley) is on it along with ayako’s (owner) wee blue bird bag! i was a little hesitant on buying it cos it’s THE eligible bachelor issue and i’ve never been a big fan of how men are sold by the pounds of flesh they possess so my excuse was…it’s for our little blurb! 🙂

i also realised that i know this guy out of the 50. but due to some super embarassing story that i shall just keep it hush about, i doubt he’ll wanna acknowledge that he knows me 🙂

if you’re a fan of the whole eligible bachelor thingmajit, grab a copy. if you’re a fan of maki stuff, grab a copy too! 😀

mucho thanks to Eunice and Oriental Rose for letting us know that we got covered!


shop update February 12, 2007

more stuff added – bags, clothes, dolls and cushions! click on picture to go to our shop. oh and some items are going on sale 🙂 want something customised as a keepsake? email us 😀 some of the stuff we’ve customised can be viewed here.