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did you drop by our booth? April 1, 2007

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feeling a little sad that we had to remove our stuff from the Eco Luxe booth (a fringe event as part of Singapore Fashion Festival at Raffles City from 23 March – 1 April) but it means we get to reopen our online shop!! Yays and cheerios 😀 Some visuals, with loving pride.

this is how things were looking on day 1. Can you spot the new goodies? 😀

My fave ‘i ate candy floss’ got sold and I totally expected that! New owner, you deserve it!

Did you pick up our bookmark freebie? Collect all 4 designs (that is, if you read 4 books concurrently. We do not encourage wastage!)

There were some huge installation art pieces that were created out of recycled materials by other artists. THEY ROCK! It’s amazing what they can come up wiith (and the amount of space they have to accommodate them anyway). Kudos to great eco-friendly attitudes throughout the entire event, we say.

Of course, we made it to the billboard of Eco Luxe honor because of our participation. If you saw us there, please leave a comment (and some love). XOXO


reconstructed upon reconstructed purses :D March 9, 2007

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ah we did a little revamping to some of our products cos xin is never FULLY satisfied with her creations! check them out here and you might be able to recognise some of them and their former looks:









i’ve made it easier for you to shop if you want to buy the product immediately. just click on it above! 😀 this is what’s so fun about running an indie shop that’s totally hands-on – you just recreate your items if you wanna give it extra ooomph! gotta love my job!


happy lunar new year from the maki sisters! :) February 17, 2007

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think the image above looks familiar? that’s cos you probably saw it here!
we added new goodies and some items are on sale so check them out!

hearts & mandarin oranges,
enqi, xin & maki squarepatch


holland village, anyone? February 14, 2007

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for those of you who frequent holland village alot, Antipodean is now stocking some of our dolls and bags. So check it out! 🙂 Xin’s paintings can also be found there. For other works, click here.


shop update February 12, 2007

more stuff added – bags, clothes, dolls and cushions! click on picture to go to our shop. oh and some items are going on sale 🙂 want something customised as a keepsake? email us 😀 some of the stuff we’ve customised can be viewed here.


thanks for linking us :D February 4, 2007

remember the Channel U programme we were on? while we’re waiting for them to send us a copy of the programme, here’s the blog where you can catch the rest of the cool DIY episodes so you know you won’t miss any!

thanks you guys!


mypaper covered us! :) January 30, 2007

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mypaper’s issue today! 30 january 2007. first thing xin could say was ‘i look worried’. indeed she did cos she was frowning! it was a nice full page article on crafting with instructions in mandarin and some tips too. so go pick up your copy today and learn some crafting/sewing tips! 🙂 we’ll try to post up some simple stuff soon on our website/blog so keep an eye out for those.

also wanna give a special thanks to the writer who covered this and the funny photographer whose name is b-o-b bob 🙂