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one of those sundays… March 26, 2007

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along with all the little things that make us happy.


reconstructed upon reconstructed purses :D March 9, 2007

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ah we did a little revamping to some of our products cos xin is never FULLY satisfied with her creations! check them out here and you might be able to recognise some of them and their former looks:









i’ve made it easier for you to shop if you want to buy the product immediately. just click on it above! 😀 this is what’s so fun about running an indie shop that’s totally hands-on – you just recreate your items if you wanna give it extra ooomph! gotta love my job!


we heart N.E.E.T.! March 6, 2007

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we got featured in March’s issue of N.E.E.T.! whoopee! N.E.E.T. is this really cool online zine with great indie finds. they covered us on 2 of their pages. gotta love it! 🙂 thanks gals!!! and here it is:

yeppp that’s xin! haha 😀


enqi’s 2004 birthday present March 1, 2007

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in the formative years of maki squarepatch, xin was already brewing up a mini storm in her little room/craft studio/drawing room. i was given this for my birthday 3 years ago, safety pinned birthday note intact and all. still, i can’t quite figure out what creature it is. is it a penguin? i dunno, it’s too cute anyway and i still adore it lots. thanks xin! it’s wonderful to have a craftster for a sister! 😀

on second thoughts…a penguin with batik diapers?

reminiscing on a rainy day,


mypaper covered us! :) January 30, 2007

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mypaper’s issue today! 30 january 2007. first thing xin could say was ‘i look worried’. indeed she did cos she was frowning! it was a nice full page article on crafting with instructions in mandarin and some tips too. so go pick up your copy today and learn some crafting/sewing tips! 🙂 we’ll try to post up some simple stuff soon on our website/blog so keep an eye out for those.

also wanna give a special thanks to the writer who covered this and the funny photographer whose name is b-o-b bob 🙂