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our heavyweight winner! December 18, 2006

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After a long evening of trying to get all the weights of the products right and keyed into all the listings, I’m pleased to announce that Snoofie O (Snoofaloopagus O) emerged the winner of the heavy weight contest!!!! At 4.5kg.

In case you didn’t know, Singapore Post revised their postage rates and we’re taking the opportunity to peg our postal rates according to weight as well where we used to peg it against value of products purchased. Hope this will answer some of our customers’ queries. This will definitely give us less headache and a better projection of shipping rates, both local and international, as our products’ weights vary so greatly.

Keep those comments and feedbacks coming in!


New shipping rates December 6, 2006

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Singapore Post is revising their shipping rates w.e.f. 18 December 2006. Other local sellers, please note that in case you miss the small notice at the PO counter! 😛 Currently, Maki Squarepatch’s shipping rate is based on item price. As we hate to overcharge on shipping and it’s hard to configure our shipping to match our item’s weights, we will be using this time to reconfigure our shipping rates to be based on weight. Tedious but worth it. Give us a while to work on this to serve you better 🙂 You will be able to see the revised rates w.e.f. 18 December 2006 to match what Singapore Post is charging us. Some handling will definitely be factored in and we’re trying to keep it as low as we can and that involves packaging cost, gas to the PO, waiting time at the PO….go figure.

Happy shopping online! 😀

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