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featured in Home & Decor March 30, 2007

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Home & Decor finally covered us in their April 07 issue! That took quite a while considering we submitted all the details in Dec 06 😛 All those items featured have been sold though. And they forgot to provide readers with our URL. Hmmmm. Nevertheless, it’s nice to have our items featured next to Plank’s furniture 🙂

Speaking of home decor publications, I really fancy the ones from UK and Australia. They’re delightful to look at, with many home decor ideas. Totally inspiring. If we ever have a shop (starts fantasizing….), it’ll be fun to whip out some of my 5 year old Australian and British home decor magazines and gather some ideas! 🙂

So here it is… we are in Home & Decor.


on IS magazine and 8 days :) yippee March 12, 2007

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thank you Eunice, Cheryl and Ricky for letting us know that we’re on these publications! thank you, IS and 8 Days for covering us!

IS magazine put us in the front page! thanks guy. we’re more than blessed.


thank you Jaclyn :) March 8, 2007

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just wanna say a big thank you to Jaclyn for giving us a small feature on the latest fashion read Kate magazine, a cutely sized magazine that’s easy to carry around! i really dig mags this size btw. it gets dog-eared less easily in my huge (and usually messy) tote bag.

thanks for popping by MAAD last weekend and picking up Kissy Kisses! as a memoir for Kissy Kisses, now renamed CLOWN under its new owner 🙂 here’s its picture again:

glad it made it to a good new home! and here’s us being covered in Kate. whoopee!


we heart N.E.E.T.! March 6, 2007

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we got featured in March’s issue of N.E.E.T.! whoopee! N.E.E.T. is this really cool online zine with great indie finds. they covered us on 2 of their pages. gotta love it! 🙂 thanks gals!!! and here it is:

yeppp that’s xin! haha 😀


chinese magazines covered us! March 1, 2007

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for those of you who read the chinese publications 🙂 we didn’t even know they covered us until words came from relatives and friends. in i-weekly and citta bella. thanks, you magazine people!!! 🙂

click to enlarge and view.


we’re covered in CLEO! February 16, 2007

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we got covered in the march issue of CLEO! wheee!!!! happy happy glee and joy. our cute and famous teddy bag (its owner, rage, lovingly names him charley) is on it along with ayako’s (owner) wee blue bird bag! i was a little hesitant on buying it cos it’s THE eligible bachelor issue and i’ve never been a big fan of how men are sold by the pounds of flesh they possess so my excuse was…it’s for our little blurb! 🙂

i also realised that i know this guy out of the 50. but due to some super embarassing story that i shall just keep it hush about, i doubt he’ll wanna acknowledge that he knows me 🙂

if you’re a fan of the whole eligible bachelor thingmajit, grab a copy. if you’re a fan of maki stuff, grab a copy too! 😀

mucho thanks to Eunice and Oriental Rose for letting us know that we got covered!


thanks for linking us :D February 4, 2007

remember the Channel U programme we were on? while we’re waiting for them to send us a copy of the programme, here’s the blog where you can catch the rest of the cool DIY episodes so you know you won’t miss any!

thanks you guys!