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shop update February 12, 2007

more stuff added – bags, clothes, dolls and cushions! click on picture to go to our shop. oh and some items are going on sale 🙂 want something customised as a keepsake? email us 😀 some of the stuff we’ve customised can be viewed here.


in your email today January 31, 2007

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if you’re not our emailing list yet, may i suggest you go to our shop and get yourself on it? 🙂

x see you at MAAD this coming 3 & 4 feb!

x check out xin’s first solo exhibition at MAAD titled ‘Pleased to Meet You’ (Valentine’s Day special). click here for details.

x sneak peek of new dolls, now in smaller size!

x getting a valentine’s day gift? all gifts come with a complimentary handmade & personalised card created by Xin, just for you maki lovers 🙂


the maki squarepatch team


shop restocked! January 8, 2007

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shop is restocked with more handmade goodies! check them out 🙂 added a valentine’s day category too just for the season.


whew, more goodies! December 15, 2006

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i actually stayed up till 3am last night trying to get all these items posted up so that you can have first glimpse of what we’ll be bringing down to Takashimaya iFourum this weekend. In case you don’t already know, we’ll be there from 12 – 9pm and that’s at level 4 of Takashimaya, the arts and crafts level where all cool things happen. date: 16 – 17 dec 😀 come join us and bring some christmas cheer along.

We also just got in a limited edition set of Christmas postcards!!! Yep,
printed of the Hoho brothers above. From left: Winkie Hoho, Binkie “See No Evil” Hoho and Twinkie Hoho. Yea I know the cards are out a little late but you *still* have time to get your Christmas greetings mailed out by 20th dec, latest so hey, pop by our booth and grab a set of postcards at only SGD10.00 for a pack 🙂

with reindeer jingles,



New shipping rates December 6, 2006

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Singapore Post is revising their shipping rates w.e.f. 18 December 2006. Other local sellers, please note that in case you miss the small notice at the PO counter! 😛 Currently, Maki Squarepatch’s shipping rate is based on item price. As we hate to overcharge on shipping and it’s hard to configure our shipping to match our item’s weights, we will be using this time to reconfigure our shipping rates to be based on weight. Tedious but worth it. Give us a while to work on this to serve you better 🙂 You will be able to see the revised rates w.e.f. 18 December 2006 to match what Singapore Post is charging us. Some handling will definitely be factored in and we’re trying to keep it as low as we can and that involves packaging cost, gas to the PO, waiting time at the PO….go figure.

Happy shopping online! 😀

tata for now,


Tweetweet Collection! December 1, 2006

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As promised, we’re releasing our Tweetweet Collection just in time for some last minute Christmas shopping. inspired by birds, we learnt more about certain species of birds that we never knew existed so that was alot of fun. There are birds that love to eat mistletoe berries and there are even birds that camouflage in swampy areas and all these are captured in our collection.

A note to Christmas shoppers – feel safe to make purchases and still have your package reach you, anywhere in the world. We’ll make sure our Christmas shipping is completed by 06 December to ensure your package gets to you in time plus factor a day or two for some nice wrapping on your end. So make your purchases early to avoid the mad postal season!

Our vintage clothes and accessories will be up by next week – keep an eye out!

with stars and shine,



maki’s little workshop will be closed….. November 29, 2006

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is it too early to call it a break already?? maki’s little workshop has been working overtime with custom orders lately(thanks all for the support! love you all) and we honestly can’t get enough of them but it’s time to rejuvenate to get the creative juices flowing again, HENCE we will not be working on any custom orders from 20 Dec 06 – 01 Jan 07. yes! it’s break time! all other orders will still be proceessed as per normal and you can still send your custom orders in but they will only be processed 02 Jan 07 onwards while we take a break for Christmas 🙂 so if you want any custom job (purse, t-shirt, dress, flat dollie, or even snoofie!) done, please pop your order in by 08 Dec 🙂 we’re too excited about Christmas not to enjoy it all we can! we hope you’ll have a great Christmas this season too.

with candy cane love,

enqi & xin
p/s we will be stocking up the shop with MORE goodies in a day or two. keep watch 🙂