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one of those sundays… March 26, 2007

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along with all the little things that make us happy.


Singapore Fashion Festival here we come! March 18, 2007

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Maki Squarepatch is gonna be part of ECO LUXE! wOOt!

Singapore Fashion Festival has gotta be the most happening fashion event in Singapore and we will be part of it!!! ECO LUXE is one part of SFF where vendors from all around the world who specialise in eco-friendly products will come together and showcase (+ sell) their wares. What a riot!

ECO LUXE will be held at Raffles City from 23 March – 1 April. For their exciting programmes, check out Raffles City’s website.

What you may expect there (besides us of course :P): products ranging from recycled furniture to organic material products to….well that’s for you to pop by and find out πŸ˜€

Our online shop will be closed during this period (else it will be logistic nightmare for us) except for these categories: clothing, accessories and art. Due to the limitation of space, our goods at ECO LUXE may change daily so if you see something on our shop, do make your purchases early πŸ™‚ (plus we need to factor in GST so our products will be slightly pricier at ECO LUXE). We’ll also be bringing in NEW products that have not made it to our online shop yet. Be the first to check them out ok?

Schedule a trip on your calendar and pop by during lunch or something. Don’t forget to come by our upcoming exhibition too! πŸ™‚

hugs and clown kisses,
the maki sisters (enqi and xin)


c’est moi, picasso March 17, 2007

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hello, i’m picasso. as usual, when xin is not around, i’ll try to mess up her craft table cos i just can’t get enough her attention. yes, i can FULLY occupy her table. there is a reason why she always hides craft stuff under a big cloth. why is their shop named maki squarepatch? i’m jealous of maki. i’m WAY more handsome as a cat. so this is how i try to get attention.

of course, the sisters have known that i’ll always give my most perfect pose in an attempt to look innocent. dang, they caught that on pretty quick. how did they know? i’m a cat. i’m more mysterious than that. but yes…they ARE girls after all.

and before you start thinking that i’m really fierce cos i’m baring my fangs here, i was really just yawning. i sleep way TOO much. this is why i always look gorgeous in photos. i get enough sleep and i’m beautiful.


angel by the window March 13, 2007

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how can you not love an angel as such? picasso, sleeping by the window. all 10kg of him. he’s too dear to us!


“I’ve Lost an Ocean” art exhibition in April March 12, 2007

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Artwork title:
Right now: I don’t need anything

The series of works to be featured in April by Xin is a continuation to her debut exhibition Pleased to Meet You at MAAD in February. With a total of 20 ink drawings and paintings, all works were snapped up by 5 buyers within the two days that the exhibition was held. Xin and her exhibition were also featured on Arts Central in March.

I’ve Lost an Ocean depicts the loss of love, but more precisely, the loss of a friend. This series portray scenes from movies that depicted and dealt with similar issues of accepting drastic changes and growing from these experiences. Xin (as she is affectionately known as) chose to use red as the predominant colour throughout the works. Red is used as a color to show love and intimacy as well as guilt and denial. The choice of basic colours used also reflects the rawness and simplicity of human emotions caught in the midst of complex human relationships.

Exhibition will be held at red dot design museum (concurrently with MAAD) on April 7 & 8, 11am – 7pm.

We will be selling our Maki Squarepatch wares there too πŸ™‚ See you!


on IS magazine and 8 days :) yippee

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thank you Eunice, Cheryl and Ricky for letting us know that we’re on these publications! thank you, IS and 8 Days for covering us!

IS magazine put us in the front page! thanks guy. we’re more than blessed.


reconstructed upon reconstructed purses :D March 9, 2007

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ah we did a little revamping to some of our products cos xin is never FULLY satisfied with her creations! check them out here and you might be able to recognise some of them and their former looks:









i’ve made it easier for you to shop if you want to buy the product immediately. just click on it above! πŸ˜€ this is what’s so fun about running an indie shop that’s totally hands-on – you just recreate your items if you wanna give it extra ooomph! gotta love my job!